A charitable, not-for-profit education affiliate of CALA
The Institute for Senior Living Education (ISLE), a not-for-profit education organization, was established as CALA's Education Affiliate. The purpose of separating the educational functions from the association was to build on a clear strength of CALA's (education & training), make for a more desirable fundraising entity, and develop a greater ability to seek grants and conduct research; all of which would serve CALA members better and ultimately, improve the lives of seniors statewide.

Our Mission

The Institute for Senior Living Education (ISLE) is a not-for-profit affiliate of the Connecticut Assisted Living Association that is dedicated to providing comprehensive educational programs and opportunities for senior care professionals to improve their skills to enhance the lives of those that they serve.
University of St. Joseph
Goodwin College
Connecticut Assisted Living Association
Geriatric Care Assistant Certificate
ISLE now accepts credit cards for payment of dues and programs
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